Colegio de San Jose is as an audacious Christ-centered educational institution committed to empowering communities of learners into inner-directed Vincentian leaders and advocates of persons in poverty situations and of God’s creation.

Core Values

Commitment to Vincentian Excellence - Dedication to the highest ideals in the continuing pursuit of Quality Christian and Vincentian Education.

Respect for Human Dignity - Reverence for every person and concern for Promotion of life,human rights and total human development.

Respect for God’s Creation - Reverence and care for God's creation and promotion of ecological sustainability.

Advocacy for Persons who are Poor - Love of and preference for persons who are poor as to orient the community in favor of the persons in situations of poverty; readily working for truth, justice and peace at all times; consistently living simple and transparent lives in their relationships and chosen careers; observing social responsibility and accountability in the classroom, the community and the workplace; including passion that engenders caring, compassionate life witnesses, in human communities among fellow citizens and among the Church.

Simplicity - Love of and living out of truth and freedom, honesty and transparency in relationship.

Enabling Values

Compassionate Service Sensitivity to the needs of others and zealous response of caring and sharing for persons who are poor and God's creation, out of a gentle and humble heart.

Co-Responsibility Spirit of Stewardship, dialogue, partnership, participation, teamwork and collaboration in all endeavors for the Good of Persons and God's Creation Towards Sustainable Development.

Social Commitment Audacious love of country and Mother Earth and dedication to the transformation of communities and society and of unjust social structures and Practices through CHANGE of Personal Attitudes and peaceful means.

Solidarity Sense of communion with persons and families, regardless of gender, race, color, creed and social economic status; a firm determination to promote the common good.


The Official seal of the school symbolizes the major thrust of Colegio de San Jose “service to others especially the poor.”

As an institution of learning, CSJ has the “special obligation to form students who are neighbors to every person and who actively help him when he comes across his path.” (Letter of Sister Chiron to the DC).

The center motifs are the cross and the lily. The cross stands for Christ, the living source of all charity. The lily stands for love that is simple and pure for others. Every Josephinian is neighbor to all forms of suffering and need.

Below the lily is the word: “Ite ad Joseph” – Go to Joseph. Go to Joseph for a spirit of conversion and renewal, for simple joy and humble service.

The whole seal inside a scalloped circle stands for love that knows no barrier, no end, a love that makes God present among all men especially the poor.

Contact Us

  • (+63) 33 329-1595 or (+63) 33 329-4151
  • E. Lopez Street, Brgy. Our Lady of Fatima, Jaro, Iloilo City, Philippines