1981-82 - adoption of the Basic Education Program where the Elementary and High School Departments were integrated under the supervision of one Principal.

July 19, 1984 - establishment of St. Vincent de Paul Community Service Center as a concrete venue to elevate the plight of the poor. The Center continues to expand its services to a growing number of its adopted barangay other related community activities.

1984-85 - the High School and Elementary Department passed the PAASCU formal survey.

1987 - the College Department launched the PAASCU Preliminary Survey visit

1987-1988 - a Computer Room was installed and computer subjects were offered in all courses.

1988 - PAASCU Resurvey Visit for the Upper Basic Education.

1990 - PAASCU Resurvey Visit for the Lower Basic Education with its best feature the Personalized Education Program

- two new programs were offered in the College Department: Bachelor of Science in Accountancy and 2-year Computer Secretarial course..

- the CSJ St. Vincent de Paul Community Service Center was registered in the Security & Exchange Commission.

October 2, 1992 - launching of the Basic Ecclesial Community on the occasion of the 130th founding anniversary of Colegio de San Jose

November 27-29, 1992 - presentation of “Louise” depicting the life of St. Louise de Marillac, written and directed by Fr. James Rueter, SJ.

November 10, 1993 - initial accreditation of the St. Vincent de Paul Cmty. Service Center by the Department of Social Welfare and Development

1993-1994 - Colegio de San Jose was chosen as pilot school for the Revised Religious Education Program in the DC Schools.

- The Higher Education building was built on the occasion of the 400th birth Anniversary of St. Louise de Marillac. The computer units and facilities were upgraded paving the way for the offering of Computer Technology and Computer Management as new major in AB and Education & BSC programs.

1994 - initial efforts towards Integrated Administration between Colegio de San Jose and Colegio del Sagrado Corazon de Jesus were effected to realize the DC-SLMES school system approach. In this set-up, CSJ & CSCJ share a common President. This innovation creates a more competent sharing of each other’s human and material resources.

February 1994 - Upper Basic Education Department was granted 5-year accredited status by PAASCU

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